Wednesday, October 7, 2009

im all right jack.

last night i had my first lucid dream in a few months...

its funny now that i started this blog inspired by dreams, my dreams have become more vivid and imaginative.
it started off me keeping my eyes closed trying to fall asleep. darkness turned to this deep purple hue....lines and bricks began to form...

suddenly i was looking at this dark purple brick wall that extended in all directions endlessly...

as the image of this giant wall became more clear, i slowly started to hover downwards... noticing textures in the bricks...they looked dry and chalky, i reached out to grip on to one of them but my body wasnt really there yet...just my eyes

as i tried to bring my body into my dream, i started slowly descending...i was scanning rows and rows of bricks...

the movement triggered it and i realized it, "im dreaming" but it was weak.
i felt myself losing my control of my thoughts in my dream and remember tensing up, exerting force to gain control of them.

while still slowly hovering down into darkness, i came into full lucid dream state

"i want to fly"

i started to fly as fast as i could away from the brick wall.
the speed was so great my stomach started twisting, like dropping on a rollercoaster...

adjusting to flying was rocky, everything was backwards, similar to using controllers to fly in a videogame but once i got the hang of it i was ecstatic.

"where to?"

before i new it i was flying (comfortably) from my porch out over the san clemente pier, i looked down at the full moons reflection scattered in the waves.

even though my body never took form in this particular dream, i could feel my face smiling... the cool wind blowing through my hair and breeze of the ocean kissing my face.

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