Saturday, December 12, 2009

oldies but goldies

i love going through old photographs, they are always so random, these however are all behind the scenes at photoshoots ive done recently, some i modeled, some i styled and shot, all were friggin awesome times! cheers!

this took place at the radical ace hotel in palm springs, the spot is SO sweet! this is the photographer who was from australia and professional skateboarder tyler mumma who i did the campaign with, its for saber sunglasses check it out!

this is during a metropark campaign i did. you can see the lookbook and a video on this link...we basically got paid to party for two days it was awesome

one of the other models, steve vanda, and i chilling in a car in between shots

fellow ford model cc sheffield and i having lunch over looking the city at the griffith observatory, the first time i met her (stunning) was with my boyfriend eddie at rob dyrdeks movie premiere for, "street dreams"...when we saw each other at the shoot we were stoked, i didnt know she modeled with my agency too.

my beautiful friend anastasia ashley who is a bad ass professional surfer. clearly had not had her coffee.
at a beautiful home in laguna who belongs to the owner of lost surf enterprises...
so many panties, which will make the cut!!! my friend kane stewart and i shot it, i styled it.
check out anastasia's websites for udpates, she has a sick shoe line out!

i ended up doing the model's make up too, so crazy to do make up on a face that is different from mine, you know?

cc and i decided to shoot for fun at my house in san clemente

another fellow ford model and a dear friend of mine, heather kemesky, decided to come over and play too, we ended up doing a couple shots in the water, clearly i was a bit concerned over my monique lhuillier dress going in the ocean

a photograph cc took of me wearing a hat she bought in london and a chanel tuxedo jacket with beaded seams from my collection.

BTW can we talk about this! cc's new collaboration with DJ TIESTO on youtube! buy her single!


  1. i love mumma puma. the last three beach photos are fabulous i want to play!

  2. lets do it!!!! its on, you will be my muse! we should bring a huge canvas down there when its not windy and go nuts on the beach and time lapse it !