Tuesday, December 1, 2009

shooting star

inspired by vogue paris' dec/ january calendar choice camera face, mario sorrenti (who did a spectacular job), i decided to feature some works done by one of my favorite photographers, mario's younger brother, davide sorrenti who died tragically at the age of twenty from an overdose. mario enjoyed graffiti, skateboarding, and was known in his crew as 'argue'.

the photographs are of jamie king who was dating davide at the time of his death.the two used together and are said to have inspired the 'heroin chic' look which after sorrenti's death led to great controversy in the fashion industry. people questioned the repercussions of minors being depicted in this manner for the sake of advertising, as well as whether or not models should be fired when assumed being under the influence on the set...sadly, there are many inadequacies in the fashion world that directly affect the physical and mental health of those who contribute and nothing is ever done.

"Davide was a homeboy, but he also loved art and opera. He'd been taking photographs since he was eighteen, and his photos depict his friends, street life, and his sense of fashion. He had just started to paint.
Davide was always laughing. He had a great laugh. But he was also tormented...I don't want to suggest that he had no happiness - quite the opposite. He found joy in lots of things, and in lots of people. In fact people adored him. He was such a funny kid. But ultimately, Davide had too much of a burden: the burden of his illness, the burden of his own thoughts, the burden of falling in love for the first time. So he had his own particular struggle on top of all the stuff that every young person goes through. And like many others, he found comfort in drugs."-francesca sorrenti

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  1. Thank you for posting. Its hard to find Davide's work online.