Monday, March 8, 2010

KITTYLADY Femme de Le Closet

I recently collaborated (or should i say coerced) one of the founders of this incredible store, 'The Closet', Billy Stade on an all female art collective. I wanted to have an event to launch my new company, KITTYLADY and promote women in arts, he allowed me full freedom of his soon to be hair salon, Brush, and came up with the name 'Femme de La Closet' and voila.

The end result, a group of colorful and brilliant minds; artists, musicians, art admirers, athletes, kooks, crazies and gypsies. All these beautiful people in one place created quite a night to remember.

my art install:

one of our sponsors of the evening, vestal, a lot of magic goes down in this bus..

the matix installation

my favorite love bug's colby and abdias

love good hugs from good people :)

the one and only Tanya, the brilliance behind the Matix Women's Collection

i was mesmerized by this beautiful girl, my new muse

aaron and some beautiful women ;)

standing next to ashley kay's beautiful paintings

the love of my life...

lady love Kristi Mcknight and I

601 Family and friends :)

all of my lights:

for more photos check out:

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  1. congrats saori!!! your installation is absolutely beautiful!