Sunday, May 23, 2010

VHS in Dubai

Eddie and Pierre have launched a website called Video Hyper Shred which is equivalent to pure awesomeness... behind the scenes of the insane and glorious lives of professional snowboarders and the filmers, photographers, action sports companies, and friends who make it all happen.

Starburst and Banquet sent VHS across the globe in search of the ultimate 'opposite'; snowboarding in the deserts of the the United of course I had to tag along to document.

surf sesh in 80 degree water

cue in 'porcelain' by moby

pierre and the only 7 star hotel in the world

local construction workers taking a break

'miss, take another, with cigarette'

senses delight

pierre and i at the tallest building in the world

the view from the top

beautiful things

pierre sandboarding in the middle of nothingness

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