Monday, July 12, 2010


I am really happy to share with friends and family that on July 24th, Eddie and I will be joining TOMS Shoes, Krochet Kids International and Active Ride Shop for their really inspirational event, 'GIVE'.

It's 'A CREATIVE COLLABORATION' between athletes, artists, and musicians. Eddie will be playing some tunes on his guitar and I will be joining several artists painting live! PLEASE COME AND SUPPORT <3

Here is a video from last year's event:

The women in Uganda who knit the hats for KROCHET KIDS:

Please take a minute to visit these sites, you can pick out an awesome bright new beanie for fall and then fill out a card so you can personally thank them!!


Krochet Kids

Also take a peek at a day in the Sound Room at RVCA headquarters with Eddie and I :)

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