Sunday, March 13, 2011

Letter from Japan

Japan and its people have been on my mind...i received this email today and it brings me peace of mind; my friend is okay. but i also am in fear of what the future may hold. 

We may continue to live inside our seperate realities, or choose to acknowledge the gravity of the present state of this planet... I pray and hope we can open our hearts and eyes to the people of japan and beyond.

Hello my friend

As you may know through news

Our country Japan is in critical condition by huge earthquake magnitude 9.0 and Tsunami.

1,700 people die, 12,000 are missing at moment.

When earthquake happen, I was in airplane with my friend Terje.
Flight from Chitose(sapporo) to Haneda(Tokyo) was departure on14:30.
14:46 tragedy happened.
I was sleeping and notice about accident when we land at snow covered airport Chitose.

So I am fine and my family and friends are ok.
There are some of my friends from this area I can not reach, so anxious for them.

We spent 3 days after earthquake.

What we are facing now is the real trouble.
A nuclear station is fucked up and having chances to effect our future.
They might have problem that too bad to tell people, who knows.
Hard to tell where is safe and where is not.
air, rain, water, land, fish, vegetable, generic, ,,,,,,.
Who knows what and how this tragedy will effect in our future.
We will have power cut in many places from today.
They said will going till next month.

Over sea medias are telling all guess or doubt or fact.
Giving us fear.


I mailed you because I am not sure if we will have another one or not.
Hoping this was it and back to normal Japan.
But for while, this place is not the best destination to travel.

So do not come!

Please keep eyes on news about nuclear station.
Our wind will move to Hawaii, AK, US west, down to Chili.
I guess there are the chance this will effect all over the world.

Excuse us if it happen!

Have a great day.

I am looking forward to see you very soon.

Best wish for all sufferers and victim


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