Sunday, October 4, 2009


this film, titled 'narcissus', directed by mike higgis, is part four in agent provocateur's avant garde campaign, "the dreams of miss x" .
the word narcissus is believed to derive from the word 'narke' meaning sleep or the story which dated back to 37 bc, narcissus, adored by many, somehow could not stand the sight of anyone but his own reflection...if i looked like kate moss i dont see why that would be a problem...

the word now has several meanings 1899 paul nache was the first to use the term 'narcissism' in reference in a study of sexual perversions (i personally do not see exploring ones own body as a sexual pervesion) later it became a word associated with vanity.

this video to me seemed like a good first dream interpretation to explore mainly because anything involving kate moss and lingerie is worth exploring. out of the four dreams she narrates, this one struck a chord with me because of the fact that she is saying to her own reflection in the mirror what a photographer would say to a model on a shoot...

a bit of vanity...a bit of puppetry...a dash of mockery and deception... and a hint of beauty

thats what modeling is all about.

google homework:
-agent provocateur and kate moss, "the four dreams of miss x"

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