Sunday, October 4, 2009

these dreamers

photograph: gio at the getty

In ancient Babylon the dream played an extremely important role in spiritualism and everyday life. Gods were believed to reveal themselves through dreams, some dreams were believed to reveal the future. Dreams today have slowly become a bit more taboo, so to speak. We are all connected in a sense through our dreams, yet we are sometimes hesitant to share our dreams, or think much about them. We wake up, our senses completely on auto pilot from a wild dream and we brush it off, shower, get coffee, try to shake it out of our head. 'I cant believe I just dreamed that!', we think to ourselves... its vivid images flutering in our thoughts. slowly we will forget it, far more relevant and 'important' things will enter our thoughts, and the dream becomes erased from our memory...until...someone shares their dream, and it all comes back...'i dreamt that too, only in my dream...'

this blog will be focused on dreams and the dream state. in this blog i will share my dreams, dreams of important individuals who are no longer with us, day will be a place to recall, reflect, stimulate, become inspired, or just pass time. i first started meditating on my dreams after seeing the film "Waking Life" if you are an artist, enjoy philosophy, or are just interested in dreams and you have not seen this film, i highly recommend it, no pre mind altering or hallucinogenic substances required ;) because of this film i became interested in LUCID DREAMS, and eventually (through practice) learned how to become conscious of dreaming while in the dream state and pretty much dream whatever i right? not only can i be anywhere, any place, any time, with anyone i want when i have a lucid dream, i also can solve problems i encounter in my dreams or nightmares by calling upon my consciousness...for dreaming im drowning, when *POOF* i realize i am dreaming and call for a boat! problem solved...

dreams inspire, dreams are our fucked up thoughts coming out to play, dreams are our demons chasing after us... dont be afraid of your dreams, dont be afraid to share your dreams for conversation, (dreams are great icebreakers and have great insight just dont start off with "i had a dream i ripped a butterflies wings off") reflect on your dreams, write them down (uncensored) try and see if of the people, places, or situations in your dreams could really just be symbols of things going on in your 'waking state'...feed your head.

google homework:
-lucid dreams
-waking life

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